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WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping 1.4.1
This plugin revolutionizes the way WooCommerce store owners can charge for shipping, offering the ability to calculate shipping costs based on the distance to the customer's location and the total weight of their order. Perfect for businesses that deliver locally, it allows for precise control over shipping rates, ensuring costs are always aligned with actual shipping expenses. This flexibility helps in offering competitive rates to customers, potentially increasing sales and customer satisfaction by providing more accurate shipping costs.
WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping 3.1.8
A versatile plugin designed to give WooCommerce store owners granular control over their shipping rates. With the ability to set different rates based on various conditions such as weight, cart total, and destination, it's an essential tool for businesses looking to optimize their shipping strategy. This plugin supports complex shipping rules, allowing for the creation of multiple tiers and conditions that can cater to a wide range of shipping scenarios, making it easier to offer fair, competitive shipping prices.
WooCommerce Order Barcodes 1.7.4
Enhance your order management system with unique barcodes for each order. This plugin generates barcodes automatically, which can be used for checking in attendees at events, managing inventory, or streamlining the order pickup process. It's an invaluable tool for businesses looking to improve efficiency and accuracy in order processing, providing a quick and reliable way to verify orders and reduce errors.
WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor 1.7.12
This plugin offers unparalleled flexibility in customizing the checkout experience for your WooCommerce store. With the ability to add, edit, or remove fields, you can tailor the checkout process to meet both your business requirements and your customers' needs. Whether you're looking to collect additional information, streamline the checkout process, or provide a more personalized shopping experience, this plugin gives you the control you need to optimize every transaction.
WooCommerce Name Your Price 3.5.11
Empower your customers by allowing them to name their price for selected products. This innovative approach can boost customer engagement, enhance satisfaction, and even uncover the true market value of your products. It's particularly effective for donations, pay-what-you-want pricing models, or simply as a tool to make your store stand out by offering a more personalized shopping experience.
WooCommerce Composite Products 9.0.2
Ideal for creating customizable product kits, this plugin allows customers to build their products from various components. It's perfect for assembling gift baskets, custom computers, or any product that benefits from customer personalization. By offering a guided, step-by-step configuration process, it not only enhances the customer experience but also increases the average order value, making it a win-win for both store owners and customers.
WooCommerce Product Vendors 2.2.6
Transform your WooCommerce site into a multi-vendor marketplace. This plugin allows multiple vendors to sell via your site, with you taking a commission on sales. It opens up a new revenue stream and expands your product range without additional inventory. Vendors manage their products, orders, and payouts, making it a scalable way to grow your business.
WooCommerce Shipping Multiple Addresses 4.0.3
Simplify the shopping experience for your customers by allowing them to ship items in a single order to multiple addresses. Ideal for gift purchases or multi-location businesses, this plugin enhances customer convenience, encouraging larger orders and repeat business by making it easy to shop for holidays, special occasions, and more.
WooCommerce Deposits 2.2.6
Enable customers to pay for products or services using a deposit or a payment plan. This flexibility can significantly boost sales, making larger purchases more accessible to customers by spreading the cost over time. It's perfect for high-ticket items, bookings, or any scenario where full payment upfront might deter potential buyers.
WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notifications 1.18.1
Keep your customers informed with real-time SMS notifications about their order status. This direct line of communication enhances the customer experience, providing reassurance from purchase to delivery. It's an effective way to improve customer service and engagement, reducing inquiries about order status and increasing customer satisfaction.
WooCommerce URL Coupons 2.16.0
Streamline your marketing efforts with URL-based coupons. This tool allows you to add a unique URL to coupons, automatically applying discounts when the link is visited. Perfect for email marketing, social media, or any digital marketing campaign, it simplifies the process for customers, improving conversion rates and tracking the effectiveness of promotional activities.
WooCommerce MSRP Pricing 3.5.0
Showcase the manufacturer's suggested retail price against your selling price, highlighting discounts and savings on your products. This transparency builds trust with customers, demonstrating the value you offer. It's an effective tool for reinforcing the competitiveness of your prices, potentially increasing conversion rates by making savings clear at a glance.
WooCommerce Cost Of Goods 2.13.1
Gain valuable insights into your store's profitability by tracking the cost of goods sold. This plugin allows you to see at a glance which products are your biggest earners and which might not be worth restocking, helping you make informed decisions about inventory and pricing strategies to maximize your store's profit margins.
WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus Shipping 2.11.3
Enhance the shopping experience for local customers with a convenient pickup option. This plugin allows you to define multiple pickup locations and even charge for the service, offering flexibility and convenience for both you and your customers. It's an excellent way to encourage local shopping, reduce shipping costs, and connect with your community.
WooCommerce AffiliateWp 2.23.2
Expand your marketing reach with this comprehensive affiliate management system. Easy to set up and manage, it integrates seamlessly with your WooCommerce store, allowing you to recruit, manage, and pay affiliates effectively. By leveraging the power of word-of-mouth marketing, you can increase traffic and sales with minimal effort.
WooCommerce Point Of Sale 6.3.0
Integrate your online store with a physical retail environment using WooCommerce Point Of Sale. This comprehensive solution transforms any computer or tablet into a fully functional cash register, allowing for in-person sales that sync directly with your WooCommerce inventory. Customize the POS interface, manage orders, and track sales with real-time analytics. Whether you're running a pop-up shop, a brick-and-mortar store, or a combination, this plugin bridges the gap between online and offline sales channels.
WooCommerce Subscriptions Enhancer 4.3.0
Supercharge your subscription services with WooCommerce Subscriptions Enhancer. This plugin introduces advanced features to manage and offer subscriptions more effectively. From setting up trial periods, allowing subscribers to pause their subscriptions, to sending out reminder emails for renewals or expirations, it covers all bases. Enhance customer satisfaction and retention by providing flexible subscription options and detailed control over billing cycles.
WooCommerce Product Add-Ons 6.8.1
Elevate product personalization with WooCommerce Product Add-Ons. This versatile plugin lets customers customize their purchases or add personal messages, gift wrapping options, and more. From dropdowns to text boxes, make any product customizable. Increase sales and customer satisfaction by offering unique personalization options.
All Products For WooCommerce Subscriptions 4.0.4
Maximize your subscription potential with All Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions. This extension allows any product in your store to become a subscription, offering you unparalleled flexibility. From simple products to bundles, turn your entire catalog into a recurring revenue generator.
WooCommerce Branding 1.0.31
Make WooCommerce your own with WooCommerce Branding. This plugin allows you to replace WooCommerce branding with your branding across your site. Customize emails, admin pages, and more to reflect your brand's identity, creating a cohesive and professional appearance.
WooCommerce Kissmetrics 1.18.1
Unlock powerful analytics for your WooCommerce store with WooCommerce Kissmetrics. Track customer behavior, purchase history, and conversion rates to make data-driven decisions. Improve your marketing strategies and increase sales by understanding your customers better.
WooCommerce PDF Invoices 5.0.3
Automate invoice creation with WooCommerce PDF Invoices. Generate professional, customizable invoices automatically for every order. Save time, reduce errors, and provide customers with a seamless purchase experience by delivering invoices directly to their email.
Elementor PRO 3.20.0
Elevate your WooCommerce store design with Elementor PRO. This powerful page builder lets you create stunning, responsive pages with a drag-and-drop interface. Integrate WooCommerce elements seamlessly, enhancing your store's functionality and design without coding.
Bookly PRO – Appointment Booking And Scheduling Software System 5.9
Bookly PRO revolutionizes appointment scheduling by offering a seamless, user-friendly interface that integrates directly with your WordPress site. With customizable booking forms, SMS and email notifications, and a fully responsive design, managing appointments has never been easier. Whether you're a fitness coach, a beauty salon, or a consultancy service, Bookly PRO adapts to your needs, allowing clients to book services 24/7, while you control your availability, services offered, and pricing. Enhance your business efficiency and customer satisfaction with Bookly PRO.
WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates 13.7.3
Transform your WooCommerce store into a powerful affiliate marketing platform with WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates. This plugin effortlessly integrates Amazon products into your store, enabling you to earn commissions on every sale referred to Amazon. With advanced search options and real-time product synchronization, it ensures your listings are always up-to-date. Customize product displays, track your earnings with detailed reports, and increase your revenue by leveraging the vast Amazon inventory.
WooCommerce Advanced Notifications 1.4.6
Keep your team in the loop with WooCommerce Advanced Notifications. This plugin allows you to set up custom email notifications for various store events, such as new orders, stock changes, or customer notes. Tailor notifications by product, category, or order status to specific members of your team, ensuring they receive only the most relevant information. Enhance communication, improve workflow, and ensure your operations run smoothly.
WooCommerce WorldPay Payment Gateway 5.3.5
Expand your global reach with WooCommerce WorldPay Payment Gateway. This plugin integrates the renowned WorldPay payment service into your WooCommerce store, offering customers a secure and versatile payment solution. Accept a wide range of credit and debit cards, along with multiple currencies, ensuring your store caters to a global audience. With WorldPay's robust security measures, you can provide a safe shopping experience, building trust and loyalty among your customers.
WooCommerce Products Compare 1.4.1
Enhance the shopping experience on your WooCommerce site with Products Compare. This plugin allows customers to compare products side by side, helping them make informed decisions. Customize comparison tables, set which attributes to compare, and integrate seamlessly with your store's design. By empowering customers with detailed product insights, you increase the likelihood of purchase and customer satisfaction.
WooCommerce Per Product Shipping 2.5.6
Tailor your shipping strategy with WooCommerce Per Product Shipping, offering unparalleled flexibility. This plugin allows you to define different shipping costs for each product, based on customer location, quantity, or both. Perfect for stores with a diverse range of products, it ensures accurate shipping charges that reflect the actual cost. Combine it with general shipping rules for a comprehensive strategy that meets your business needs and enhances customer satisfaction.
WooCommerce Aramex 1.1.0
Integrate Aramex shipping services directly into your WooCommerce store with the Aramex plugin. Offering a range of shipping solutions from express to freight, this plugin automates shipping calculations, label printing, and tracking updates. Serve your customers better by providing reliable delivery options, real-time tracking, and transparent pricing. Expand your business reach globally with Aramex's extensive network, ensuring your products arrive safely and on time.
WooCommerce Sales Report Email 1.3.1
Stay informed with WooCommerce Sales Report Email, delivering comprehensive sales insights directly to your inbox. Customize the frequency and content of reports to monitor your store's performance, track sales trends, and make data-driven decisions. This plugin simplifies analytics, saving you time and providing a clear overview of your business health. Enhance your strategic planning with actionable insights, keeping you one step ahead in the competitive eCommerce landscape.
WooCommerce Software Add-On 1.9.2
Transform your WooCommerce store into a software marketplace with the Software Add-On. This plugin is ideal for selling software, licenses, and digital services, providing automatic license generation, activation, and management. Streamline your digital product sales, offer updates, and manage licenses with ease. Enhance customer experience with seamless purchase and activation, while protecting your digital assets.
WooCommerce Pre-Orders 2.1.0
Capitalize on anticipation with WooCommerce Pre-Orders, allowing customers to order products before they're available. Customize pre-order strategies, set dynamic pricing, and manage availability dates. This plugin boosts your launch strategy, securing sales ahead of time and generating buzz. Manage customer expectations with automated notifications upon product availability, ensuring a smooth transition from pre-order to purchase.
WooCommerce Conditional Shipping And Payments 1.15.7
Gain complete control over your checkout process with WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payments. Restrict payment and shipping options based on products, cart totals, or customer location. Tailor your eCommerce strategy to fit your business model, offering specific options to meet various conditions. This plugin enhances user experience by simplifying choices and streamlines operations, ensuring compliance with shipping laws and payment provider rules.
WooCommerce Royal Mail 3.2.2
Simplify your UK shipping with WooCommerce Royal Mail, offering seamless integration of Royal Mail services. Automatically calculate shipping rates based on cart weight and customer location, offering a range of delivery options. This plugin ensures accurate shipping costs, enhancing customer trust and satisfaction. Ideal for UK-based businesses or those shipping to the UK, it streamlines your logistics with the reliability of Royal Mail.
WooCommerce UPS Shipping Method 3.5.9
Integrate UPS shipping services directly into your WooCommerce store with this plugin. Offer a variety of UPS shipping options, from standard to express delivery. Automate shipping calculations, label printing, and provide real-time tracking to customers. Expand your shipping capabilities with UPS's global network, ensuring reliable delivery and enhancing customer satisfaction.
WooCommerce USPS Shipping Method 4.8.3
Connect your WooCommerce store with United States Postal Service for efficient shipping solutions. This plugin offers a range of USPS services, automatic shipping calculations, and tracking. Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, it provides cost-effective shipping options, enhancing your delivery strategy and customer satisfaction.
Woocommerce Mix And Match Products 2.5.1
Revolutionize how customers shop with WooCommerce Mix and Match Products. This plugin allows customers to create custom product bundles, choosing exactly what they want. Perfect for gift boxes, wine cases, or any customizable product sets, it enhances shopping experience, increases average order value, and caters to customer preferences.
WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing 3.2.6
Implement flexible pricing strategies with WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing. Offer discounts based on product quantity, category, or user role. This plugin helps in creating bulk purchase incentives, membership-based pricing, and promotional offers, driving sales and rewarding loyal customers. Tailor your pricing strategy to market demands and customer behavior, maximizing revenue.
WooCommerce Product Bundles 7.0.2
Create custom product bundles with WooCommerce Product Bundles. This plugin enhances cross-selling and upselling, allowing you to offer complementary products at a discounted rate. Ideal for assembling kits, gift packs, or any grouped product offerings, it simplifies inventory management and boosts sales through bundle deals.
WooCommerce Zapier 2.9.1
Automate your workflow and connect your WooCommerce store to thousands of cloud services with WooCommerce Zapier. Sync customer data, orders, and products with your favorite tools for marketing, CRM, or accounting. This integration saves time, reduces manual tasks, and enhances efficiency, allowing you to focus on growing your business.
WooCommerce Waitlist 2.4.6
Never miss a sale with WooCommerce Waitlist. This plugin allows customers to sign up for email notifications when out-of-stock products become available. It helps in understanding product demand, planning inventory, and engaging interested customers, turning potential lost sales into revenue.
WooCommerce Cart Reports 1.4.0
Unlock the power of data with WooCommerce Cart Reports. This comprehensive tool provides real-time insights into customer shopping carts, helping you understand buyer behavior and trends. Track abandoned carts, view detailed cart logs, and analyze conversion rates to optimize your sales strategy. With actionable data at your fingertips, you can tailor marketing strategies, improve product visibility, and enhance the shopping experience, ultimately boosting your revenue.
WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels 1.3.0
Elevate your product presentation with WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels. This plugin allows you to add eye-catching labels to your product images, highlighting special offers, new arrivals, or bestsellers. Customize labels with specific texts, colors, and positions to grab attention and guide customer decisions. Perfect for promotions, sales, and new launches, it enhances visibility and drives interest, encouraging more clicks and conversions.
WooCommerce Moneris Payment Gateway 3.3.1
Simplify payments with the WooCommerce Moneris Payment Gateway. This plugin integrates seamlessly with your store, offering secure and reliable transactions through Moneris. Support for both credit and debit card payments, direct refunds, and transaction reports enhances your payment processing capabilities. With PCI compliance and advanced security features, it provides a safe shopping environment, building trust and loyalty among your customers.
WooCommerce FirstData Payment Gateway 5.1.2
Connect your WooCommerce store with FirstData for a smooth payment experience. This plugin supports various transaction types, including sales, pre-authorizations, and refunds, directly from your dashboard. With secure tokenization for card storage and compatibility with TransArmor, it ensures top-notch security, keeping customer data safe. Enhance your global reach with support for multiple currencies, making it easier for international customers to shop from your store.
WooCommerce Product Add Ons 6.8.1
Customize your product offerings with WooCommerce Product Add Ons. This versatile plugin allows customers to personalize their purchases with options like gift messages, donations, or custom engraving. Set additional costs for each option, creating a tailored shopping experience that meets diverse customer needs. Ideal for stores selling customizable products, it increases customer satisfaction and average order value, driving more sales.
WooCommerce Payment Gateway Based Fees 4.1
Introduce flexibility in your pricing strategy with WooCommerce Payment Gateway Based Fees. This plugin allows you to add extra fees or discounts based on the payment method selected by the customer. Tailor your checkout process to encourage the use of preferred payment methods, optimizing transaction costs. With easy setup and customization options, it's an essential tool for managing your store's finances effectively.
WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping 2.9.1
Streamline your shipping process with WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping. This plugin offers live shipping rates from Canada Post, directly on your checkout page. With support for domestic and international shipping services, it provides a variety of delivery options to your customers. Automatic label printing and tracking number generation simplify logistics, ensuring a smooth delivery experience for both you and your customers.
WooCommerce Fedex Shipping 3.9.3
Enhance your shipping capabilities with WooCommerce Fedex Shipping. This plugin integrates FedEx services into your WooCommerce store, offering real-time shipping rates, label printing, and shipment tracking. Customize shipping options based on product weight, box dimensions, and shipping destination. With FedEx's reliability and the plugin's seamless integration, provide your customers with a superior delivery experience.
Gravity Forms Wordpress Plugin 2.8.7
Transform your WordPress site with Gravity Forms, the premier form-building plugin. Create advanced forms for registrations, surveys, and user submissions with ease. With a wide range of field types, conditional logic, and integration capabilities, it's the perfect tool for collecting and managing data. Enhance user interaction, gather valuable insights, and streamline your workflows with Gravity Forms.
WooCommerce Intuit Payments/QBMS Gateway 3.1.2
Integrate Intuit Payments seamlessly into your WooCommerce store with this gateway plugin. Offering secure credit card processing and compatibility with QuickBooks for easy accounting, it simplifies your financial management. With support for recurring payments and subscriptions, it's ideal for a wide range of business models. Provide a smooth checkout experience while keeping your finances organized and secure.
WooCommerce Newsletter Subscription 4.1.1
Grow your email list and engage customers with WooCommerce Newsletter Subscription. This plugin integrates with your checkout process, allowing customers to subscribe to your newsletter as they purchase. Compatible with leading email services, it's a powerful tool for building your audience and driving repeat business. Customize subscription options and automate email campaigns to keep your brand top of mind.
WooCommerce Wishlists 2.3.1
Encourage repeat visits and increase sales with WooCommerce Wishlists. This plugin allows customers to create and share wishlists, saving their favorite products for later purchase. Ideal for gift registries, holiday shopping, and personal bookmarks, it enhances user engagement and provides valuable insights into customer preferences. Drive traffic and boost sales by making shopping more personal and convenient.
WooCommerce Photography 1.2.2
Cater to photographers and visual artists with WooCommerce Photography. This plugin streamlines the process of selling images online, from bulk uploads to customer-specific galleries. Offer digital downloads or printed copies, with flexible pricing options. It's the perfect solution for managing and selling your photography work, providing a professional platform to showcase and monetize your art.
WooCommerce Amazon S3 Storage 2.7.1
Securely store your digital products on Amazon S3, ensuring fast, reliable downloads for your customers. This integration simplifies digital product management and delivery.
WooCommerce Shipment Tracking 2.4.5
Add shipment tracking information to your orders, providing customers with real-time updates on their delivery status. This plugin supports multiple carriers, enhancing the post-purchase customer experience.
WooCommerce RedSys Gateway 25.0.1
Offer your customers a secure payment option with RedSys, Spain's leading payment gateway. This integration ensures a smooth and secure checkout process for both credit and debit card transactions.
WooCommerce Opayo ( Formerly SagePay ) 5.13.1
Integrate Opayo, one of the UK's most trusted payment gateways, into your WooCommerce store. This plugin offers secure payment processing, supporting various transaction types for a seamless checkout experience.
WooCommerce 360º Image 1.3.0
Enhance your product pages with 360º images. This plugin allows customers to see your products from every angle, improving engagement and confidence in their purchase decisions.
WooCommerce Brands 1.6.65
Organize your products by brands, making it easier for customers to shop and for you to highlight collections. This plugin enhances navigation and allows for brand-centric promotions.
WooCommerce Social Login 2.15.1
Simplify the login process by allowing customers to use their social media accounts. This plugin improves user experience, speeds up the checkout process, and increases registration rates.
WooCommerce Coupon Campaigns 1.2.15
Track the performance of your coupon campaigns with detailed analytics. This plugin helps you understand the impact of discounts on sales, allowing for more targeted and effective promotions.
WooCommerce Follow Ups Emails 4.9.51
Automate email communication with your customers based on their purchase history and behavior. This plugin enables personalized engagement, improving customer retention and encouraging repeat sales.
WooCommerce Warranty 2.4.2
Offer warranties and returns management directly from your WooCommerce store. This plugin adds value to your products and builds customer trust by simplifying warranty claims and returns.
WooCommerce PDF Watermark 1.6.3
Protect your digital product PDFs with custom watermarks. This plugin deters unauthorized sharing and copying, ensuring your content remains exclusive to paying customers.
WooCommerce Anti-Fraud 5.8.3
Minimize the risk of fraud in your WooCommerce store. This plugin automatically scores transactions based on set criteria, helping you identify and prevent fraudulent activity.
WooCommerce Westpac PayWay API 1.6.2
Integrate Westpac's PayWay payment gateway for secure credit card processing. This plugin offers a seamless checkout experience, adhering to high security and compliance standards.
WooCommerce Points And Rewards 1.7.51
Enhance customer loyalty by offering points for purchases, which can be redeemed for discounts. This plugin encourages repeat business by rewarding customers for their loyalty.
WooCommerce Purchase Order Gateway 1.4.7
Allow customers to pay via purchase order, catering to B2B transactions. This plugin adds professionalism and flexibility to your payment options, ideal for wholesale and corporate clients.
WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator 3.23.1
Sell products based on measurements or dimensions. This plugin is perfect for stores selling fabrics, flooring, or liquids, allowing customers to buy exactly what they need.
WooCommerce Authorize.Net CIM Gateway 3.10.2
Securely process credit cards and eChecks with Authorize.Net. This plugin offers advanced fraud protection and secure customer data management, ensuring a trustworthy checkout experience.
WooCommerce GoCardless Gateway 2.6.0
Offer direct debit payments via GoCardless, making recurring payments easy for subscriptions, memberships, and more. This plugin simplifies payment collection, enhancing customer convenience.
WooCommerce Smart Coupons 8.18.0
Enhance your coupon strategy with advanced features like bulk generation, gift certificates, and product giveaways. This comprehensive solution makes managing discounts and promotions effortless.
WooCommerce Admin Custom Order Fields 1.16.0
Organize your order information with custom fields. This plugin allows you to track additional order details, streamlining your admin tasks and enhancing order management efficiency.
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro 1.19.1
Elevate product reviews with additional features like photo and video uploads, filtering, and verified owner labels. This plugin enhances the review system, building trust and engagement.
WooCommerce Authorize.Net Reporting 1.13.0
Access detailed reports from your Authorize.Net transactions directly within WooCommerce. This plugin simplifies reconciliation and accounting, providing valuable insights into your payment processing.
WooCommerce Store Credit 4.5.2
Issue store credit to customers easily, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. This plugin allows for flexible refunds and encourages repeat business by keeping funds within your ecosystem.
WooCommerce Customer Order CSV Export 5.5.0
Export order data to CSV for accounting, reporting, or CRM purposes. This plugin automates data management, saving time and ensuring accuracy in your business operations.
WooCommerce Order Customer Coupon CSV Import Suite 3.11.0
Streamline your data entry process by importing orders, customers, and coupons via CSV. This plugin enhances efficiency, making bulk updates and migrations effortless.
WooCommerce Address Validation 2.11.1
Ensure accurate shipping addresses with real-time validation. This plugin reduces delivery errors and customer service issues, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
WooCommerce Slack 1.4.1
Integrate your WooCommerce store with Slack for real-time notifications on sales, stock levels, and more. This plugin keeps your team informed and responsive to store activities.
WooCommerce Tabs Manager 1.16.0
Customize and manage product tabs with ease. This plugin allows for additional product information, enhancing the shopping experience and providing customers with all the details they need.
WooCommerce Product Documents 1.15.1
Provide customers with product documents like manuals, guides, and warranties directly on product pages. This plugin adds value and supports informed purchasing decisions.
WooCommerce Google Product Feed 10.12.5
Integrate your store with Google Shopping by generating product feeds automatically. This plugin increases visibility and drives traffic to your store, leveraging Google's vast audience.
WooCommerce Order Status Control 1.16.0
Automatically complete orders for digital products or after successful payment. This plugin streamlines order management, reducing admin workload and improving customer satisfaction.
WooCommerce Memberships 1.26.5
Create a membership system within your WooCommerce store. Offer exclusive access to products, content, and discounts, building a community and enhancing customer loyalty.
WooCommerce Order Delivery 2.6.3
Allow customers to choose their preferred delivery date and time, improving service and satisfaction. This plugin optimizes your delivery schedule, ensuring efficiency and customer convenience.
WooCommerce Groups Plugin 2.7.0
Integrate with the Groups plugin to offer exclusive content and discounts based on user roles. This plugin enhances site management and marketing strategies by segmenting your audience.
WooCommerce Checkout Add Ons 2.7.1
Offer additional products or services during checkout. This plugin increases average order value and enhances the customer experience by providing relevant upsell opportunities.
WooCommerce API Manager 3.2.4
Sell, manage, and distribute software licenses and API keys through your WooCommerce store. This plugin is essential for software sellers, providing automated license management and product updates.
WooCommerce Order Status Manager 1.15.2
Customize and manage order statuses to match your workflow. This plugin adds flexibility to your order management, improving efficiency and communication with customers.
WooCommerce Print Invoices And Packing Lists 3.13.2
Print invoices and packing lists directly from the WooCommerce order screen. This plugin streamlines order processing, enhancing operational efficiency and professionalism.
WooCommerce Nested Category Layout 1.20.1
Organize product listings using a nested category layout, improving shop navigation and user experience. This plugin makes browsing large catalogs easier, enhancing customer satisfaction.
WooCommerce Group Coupons 2.5.0
Offer targeted discounts to specific user groups. This plugin leverages your site's group memberships, personalizing promotions and increasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
WooCommerce Instagram 4.6.0
Showcase your products on Instagram. Tag products in your posts, creating a seamless shopping experience from social media to your store. This plugin enhances brand visibility and engagement.
WooCommerce Product Search 5.3.0
Enhance your store's search functionality with advanced search options and filters. This plugin improves product discoverability, offering a better shopping experience and increasing sales.
WooCommerce Xero 1.8.5
Integrate your WooCommerce store with Xero accounting software. Automatically sync sales, customers, and invoices, simplifying your bookkeeping and financial management.
WooCommerce Box Office 1.2.5
Sell tickets for events directly from your WooCommerce store. Manage ticket sales, attendee information, and event check-ins with ease, turning your site into a fully functional box office.
WooCommerce Min Max Quantities 4.2.2
Set minimum and maximum purchase quantities for products or orders. This plugin is perfect for bulk sales or limiting order sizes, ensuring inventory control and order value optimization.
WooCommerce Subscriptions 6.0.0
Offer products or services on a subscription basis. With flexible subscription options and automatic recurring payments, this plugin ensures steady revenue and customer retention.
WooCommerce Bookings 2.1.1
Allow customers to book appointments, services, or rentals. Manage availability and pricing, and automate confirmations, making it perfect for businesses that operate on appointments or reservations.
WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite 1.10.68
Import or export products and variations directly from or to a CSV file. This plugin simplifies product management, especially for stores with large inventories or frequent updates.
WooCommerce One Page Checkout 2.8.1
Simplify the checkout process by allowing customers to complete purchases on a single page. This plugin reduces cart abandonment and enhances the customer buying experience.
WooCommerce Lightspeed POS Integration 2.15.1
Sync your WooCommerce store with Lightspeed POS, bridging online and in-store sales. Manage inventory and sales data across platforms, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
WooCommerce Intuit Payments/QBMS Gateway 3.3.0
Securely process payments with Intuit's QuickBooks Merchant Services. This gateway integrates seamlessly, offering a reliable and streamlined payment solution for your WooCommerce store.
WooCommerce Give Products 1.2.0
Easily gift products to customers directly from your WooCommerce store. This plugin is perfect for promotions, rewards, or customer service gestures, enhancing engagement and loyalty.
WooCommerce Freshdesk 1.3.1
Integrate your WooCommerce store with Freshdesk for superior customer support. Manage tickets and customer queries directly from your dashboard, improving response times and customer satisfaction.
WooCommerce Free Gift Coupons 3.6.0
Reward customers with a free gift via coupon codes. This plugin encourages purchases and adds an element of surprise to your marketing campaigns, enhancing customer loyalty.
WooCommerce Force Sells 1.4.1
Link products together, forcing them to be bought in combination. Perfect for bundling a service or required product, this plugin ensures customers purchase complementary items.
WooCommerce EU VAT Number 2.9.1
Collect and validate EU VAT numbers at checkout, automatically removing VAT for eligible B2B sales. This plugin simplifies VAT compliance for businesses selling within the EU.
WooCommerce Elavon Converge Payment Gateway 2.14.0
Process payments securely with Elavon, one of the most trusted names in payment solutions. This plugin offers a seamless integration, ensuring a smooth checkout process for your customers.
WooCommerce Drip 1.3.1
Connect your WooCommerce store with Drip Email Marketing. Automate your email campaigns, segment your customers, and track interactions to drive sales and improve customer relationships.
WooCommerce Customer/Order XML Export Suite 2.6.3
Automate the export of customer and order XML files for integration with external systems. This plugin streamlines data transfer, making it essential for businesses with complex logistics.
WooCommerce Conditional Content 2.3.1
Display custom content to your customers based on a set of conditions such as user role, purchase history, or product viewing. This plugin personalizes the shopping experience, increasing engagement and sales.
WooCommerce Cart Add-Ons 2.3.2
Suggest additional products to customers based on the contents of their cart. This plugin increases average order value by encouraging customers to add more items before checkout.
WooCommerce CardStream / Charity Clear 2.2.2
Integrate with CardStream or Charity Clear for secure payment processing. This plugin supports a wide range of credit and debit cards, ensuring a flexible payment solution for your store.
WooCommerce Aweber Newsletter Subscription 4.0.2
Grow your AWeber email list by integrating a newsletter subscription option into your WooCommerce checkout. Engage with your customers beyond their purchase with targeted email marketing.
WooCommerce Storefront Pricing Tables 1.1.0
Create pricing tables for your products or services directly in your Storefront theme. This plugin is perfect for comparing product features and prices, enhancing decision-making for your customers.
WooCommerce Storefront Product Hero 1.2.13
Highlight a specific product in a prominent, engaging manner with the Product Hero section. Customize background, content, and layout to create a compelling call to action.
WooCommerce Storefront Parallax Hero 1.5.7
Add a parallax background to your homepage or product pages, creating a dynamic, engaging visual effect. This plugin enhances your site's aesthetics and user experience.
WooCommerce Storefront Mega Menus 1.6.2
Create complex, multi-column drop-down menus for your Storefront theme. Organize your products and categories more effectively, improving navigation and user experience.
WooCommerce Stamps.Com XML File Export 2.11.1
Export order data to for easy shipping label creation and order management. This plugin simplifies your shipping process, saving time and reducing errors.
WooCommerce Postcode/Address Validation 2.11.1
Validate customer addresses at checkout to ensure accuracy and reduce shipping errors. This plugin integrates with external services for real-time validation, enhancing operational efficiency.
WooCommerce Bambora 2.9.0
Process payments securely with Bambora, a leading payment solution. This plugin offers seamless integration, providing a smooth and reliable checkout experience for your customers.
WooCommerce Quick View 1.8.1
Enhance your customer's shopping experience with WooCommerce Quick View. This plugin allows users to get a glimpse of products without leaving the product page, offering a modal window with product details, images, and add-to-cart options. It streamlines browsing, reduces load times, and improves conversion rates by simplifying the shopping process. Ideal for stores with large inventories, it ensures customers can quickly view product specifics and make purchasing decisions faster.
WooCommerce Currency Converter Widget 2.2.3
Globalize your online store with the WooCommerce Currency Converter Widget. This tool dynamically converts product prices into the customer's preferred currency, making your site user-friendly for a global audience. It supports real-time conversion rates and can be easily integrated into your store's sidebar or footer, offering a seamless shopping experience for international customers and expanding your market reach.
WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options 3.3.4
Tailor your WooCommerce store's browsing experience with Catalog Visibility Options. This powerful plugin offers control over who sees your store's prices or has the ability to make purchases, turning your eCommerce site into an exclusive catalog for selected visitors. It's perfect for wholesale stores, memberships, or B2B sales, providing flexibility in how you display your products and interact with different customer segments.
WooCommerce Variation Swatches And Photos 3.1.9
Upgrade your product variation presentations with WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos. Replace dropdown fields with visual swatches of colors, textures, and photos. This plugin enhances user experience by providing a clearer and more attractive way to browse and select product variations, such as colors or sizes, directly from the product page, significantly improving the decision-making process for your customers.
WooCommerce Chase Paymentech Payment Gateway 1.19.0
Integrate Chase Paymentech with your WooCommerce store for a seamless checkout experience. This gateway supports secure credit card processing directly on your site, ensuring customer data is safe. With features like pre-authorizations, refunds, and captures from within WooCommerce, managing transactions is straightforward, enhancing operational efficiency and customer trust. Ideal for businesses looking for a reliable and comprehensive payment solution.
WooCommerce Additional Variation Images 2.3.2
Elevate your product pages by adding extra images for each variation, allowing customers to see different angles and details. This plugin enriches the shopping experience, helping customers make informed decisions by viewing products in various configurations. It's perfect for fashion, accessories, and any items where visuals significantly influence buyer choices.
WooCommerce Help Scout 3.9.1
Enhance customer support with WooCommerce Help Scout. This integration allows you to manage support tickets directly from your WooCommerce dashboard, linking orders to customer queries for efficient resolution. Automate ticket creation upon order and provide personalized support, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.
WooCommerce Subscription Downloads 1.4.1
Extend your subscription business model with WooCommerce Subscription Downloads. This add-on allows subscribers to access downloadable products tied to their subscriptions, perfect for digital goods like software, courses, or premium content. It integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce Subscriptions, offering a straightforward way for customers to manage their downloads directly from their account page, enhancing user satisfaction and loyalty.
WooCommerce Bulk Variation Forms 1.7.3
Simplify bulk ordering for variable products. Customers can quickly select variations and quantities on a single form, making large orders easy. Perfect for wholesale, B2B, or any scenario requiring bulk purchases, enhancing user experience and encouraging larger transactions.
WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product Add-Ons 3.5.2
Combine the power of WooCommerce with Gravity Forms to offer customizable product options. This plugin allows for detailed product customization, adding value and personalization to your offerings. Ideal for custom-made products, it ensures customer needs are precisely met.
WooCommerce Store Catalog PDF Download 2.2.1
Allow customers to download your entire store catalog as a PDF. This feature is perfect for offline browsing, sharing with others, and planning purchases. It enhances the shopping experience by providing a tangible reference, especially useful for B2B clients or event planning.
WooCommerce Account Funds 3.0.2
Boost customer loyalty by allowing them to deposit funds into their accounts. This wallet-like feature encourages repeat purchases and simplifies checkout, offering a seamless payment experience. It's an effective way to increase customer retention and average order value.
WooCommerce Product Finder 1.4.1
Help customers find exactly what they're looking for with an advanced product search and filtering plugin. By improving product visibility, it enhances the shopping experience, leading to higher satisfaction and conversion rates. Ideal for stores with extensive inventories.
WooCommerce Splash Popup 1.5.1
Engage visitors with customizable pop-ups. Announce sales, capture emails, or promote content, directly influencing your marketing strategy's effectiveness. This tool is essential for stores looking to increase conversions and capture visitor attention immediately.
WooCommerce Flat Rate Box Shipping 2.2.5
Simplify your shipping strategy with flat rate boxes. Configure costs based on box size or destination, making shipping fees transparent and predictable for customers. This plugin is ideal for optimizing shipping operations and reducing costs.
WooCommerce Sale Flash Pro 1.3.2
Highlight sales and promotions with dynamic flash messages. Customize display rules and visuals to grab attention and drive sales. An essential tool for any store looking to enhance promotional strategies and increase urgency.
WooCommerce Segment.Io Integration 2.1.0
Leverage customer data with integration. Track interactions, purchases, and behaviors for targeted marketing and improved customer insights. This plugin is crucial for data-driven strategies, enhancing understanding of customer journeys.
WooCommerce Chained Products 3.4.0
Create product bundles and offer complementary products with purchases. This plugin allows for strategic product pairing, increasing average order value and enhancing customer satisfaction by providing complete solutions.
WooCommerce Recommendation Engine 3.4.2
Utilize AI to offer personalized product recommendations based on customer behavior. This plugin increases sales by suggesting relevant products, improving the shopping experience, and leveraging cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
WooCommerce Bulk Stock Management 2.2.35
Streamline your inventory management with WooCommerce Bulk Stock Management. This powerful tool allows you to edit stock levels, backorders, and stock statuses across all your products and variations from one screen. Perfect for stores with extensive inventories, it reduces the time spent on stock management, improves accuracy, and helps you keep up with customer demand efficiently. Enhance your operational efficiency and never miss a sales opportunity due to stock discrepancies again.
Gravity Forms Active Campaign Add-On 1.7
Integrate your forms seamlessly with ActiveCampaign using the Gravity Forms Active Campaign Add-On. This plugin allows you to create powerful automation workflows that can capture leads, trigger emails, and segment contacts based on form submissions. Perfect for marketers looking to enhance lead generation and nurturing processes, it turns your forms into a critical part of your marketing strategy, ensuring no lead is left behind.
Gravity Forms Agile CRM Add-On 1.3
Connect Gravity Forms to Agile CRM effortlessly, automating your customer relationship management. With this add-on, every form submission can create contacts, deals, tasks, and notes in Agile CRM, streamlining your sales and marketing efforts. Ideal for businesses seeking to optimize lead capture and follow-up processes, it ensures that every interaction with your site contributes to building strong customer relationships.
Gravity Forms Authorize.Net Add-On 2.8.1
Accept payments securely and efficiently with the Gravity Forms Authorize.Net Add-On. This integration allows you to process credit cards directly on your site, offering a seamless checkout experience. With support for Authorize.Net's advanced fraud detection and customer information management, it's an essential tool for businesses prioritizing security and user experience in their online transactions.
Backup Buddy 8.8.0
Secure your WordPress site with BackupBuddy, the all-in-one solution for backups, restoration, and migration. Schedule automatic backups, store them off-site, and restore your site quickly in case of an emergency. BackupBuddy protects your site against data loss, hacking, server crashes, and more, making it an indispensable tool for any WordPress site owner.
Yoast SEO Premium 22.3
Elevate your SEO game with Yoast SEO Premium. This plugin offers advanced features like keyword optimization, internal linking suggestions, content insights, and a redirect manager to keep your site ranking high. With Yoast SEO Premium, you can focus on creating great content while it takes care of the technical SEO aspects, ensuring your site is loved by both users and search engines.
AAWP Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin 3.21.0
Maximize your Amazon affiliate marketing with AAWP, the best plugin for promoting Amazon products. Create stunning product boxes, comparison tables, and bestseller lists that automatically update. With AAWP, you can increase your affiliate revenue by making your product presentations more attractive and engaging, all while ensuring compliance with Amazon's affiliate program policies.
Event Tickets Plus 5.0.1
Sell tickets directly on your WordPress site with Event Tickets Plus. This plugin integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, allowing you to manage ticket sales, attendee registration, and even virtual events. Customize ticket templates, send out attendee emails, and track sales with ease. Event Tickets Plus is the perfect solution for event organizers looking to streamline their ticketing process.
Events Calendar Pro For WordPress 6.0.6
Transform your site into a fully-functional event management platform with Events Calendar Pro. This premium plugin offers a range of views, features, and customization options to showcase your events in style. From small gatherings to large festivals, Events Calendar Pro makes it easy to manage and promote events, engage your audience, and boost attendance.
WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro 1.21.2
Organize your order management with WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro. This plugin allows you to customize your order numbers with prefixes, suffixes, or even mirror the year, enhancing record-keeping and customer communication. Ideal for businesses seeking a professional touch in their order processing, it ensures your orders are always neatly organized and easily traceable.
WooCommerce Cart Notices 1.16.0
Boost your sales and customer experience with WooCommerce Cart Notices. Display dynamic, targeted messages to your customers based on their cart content, cart value, or even their geographic location. Encourage them to add more to their carts with timely and relevant notices, increasing your average order value and enhancing the shopping experience on your site.
WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers 4.7.3
Create customizable PDF vouchers for your WooCommerce store, perfect for gift certificates, rewards, promotions, and event tickets. With WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers, you can offer your customers a flexible gift-giving option, driving sales and increasing customer satisfaction. Customize templates, manage redemption, and track voucher usage with ease, adding a valuable dimension to your eCommerce strategy.
WooCommerce Product Retailers 1.17.1
Expand your sales channels with WooCommerce Product Retailers. This plugin allows you to list multiple retailers for each product, giving customers the option to purchase from their preferred vendor. Whether it's a brick-and-mortar store or an online marketplace, you can showcase all available purchasing options directly on your product pages. This not only enhances the shopping experience by providing customers with flexibility and convenience but also allows you to build partnerships with retailers, increasing your product's reach and visibility. With WooCommerce Product Retailers, you can easily manage retailer links, update pricing, and track which channels are driving the most sales, making it a valuable tool for any multi-channel marketing strategy.
WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro 2.0.16
Elevate your eCommerce analytics with WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro. This powerful plugin bridges the gap between your WooCommerce store and Google Analytics, offering detailed insights into customer behavior, transaction data, and advanced eCommerce events. Track user interactions with precision, from product views to checkout success, and optimize your marketing strategies with real-time data. Enhanced eCommerce tracking, powerful reporting features, and seamless integration make it an indispensable tool for serious online retailers aiming to drive growth through data-driven decisions.
WooCommerce Request A Quote 2.6.3
Transform your WooCommerce store into a dynamic quoting engine with WooCommerce Request A Quote. This plugin allows customers to request quotes directly from your product pages, ideal for custom orders, bulk purchases, or services. Customize your quote forms, manage submissions effortlessly, and convert quotes to orders with a single click. It's perfect for businesses that require negotiation or offer customizable products, enhancing customer service and streamlining sales processes.
WooCommerce Etsy Integration 3.0.1
Seamlessly connect your WooCommerce store with Etsy, expanding your market reach with the WooCommerce Etsy Integration plugin. This tool simplifies managing listings, inventory, and orders across both platforms. Automate product syncing, streamline order fulfillment, and keep inventory up to date effortlessly. It's the perfect solution for sellers looking to leverage Etsy's vast marketplace without compromising the autonomy of their WooCommerce store.
WooCommerce Walmart Integration 2.1.2
Expand your online presence by integrating your WooCommerce store with one of the largest marketplaces, Walmart. The WooCommerce Walmart Integration plugin offers a direct channel to list your products, synchronize inventory, and manage orders from Walmart's platform. This integration opens up a vast new customer base, enabling you to maximize visibility and sales with minimal effort. Leverage the power of Walmart's extensive network while maintaining control over your WooCommerce operations.
Teams For WooCommerce Memberships 1.7.1
Enhance your membership site with Teams for WooCommerce Memberships, allowing members to form teams or join groups under a single membership plan. This extension adds a collaborative dimension to your memberships, perfect for businesses, families, or educational groups. Manage team memberships, set up unique permissions, and offer shared access to content, making your site more versatile and appealing to a broader audience.
WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment
Automate your order fulfillment process with WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment. Directly integrate your WooCommerce store with Amazon's FBA service, ensuring that orders are automatically sent to Amazon for packing and shipping. This plugin streamlines your logistics, reduces manual errors, and ensures faster delivery times, enhancing customer satisfaction. Ideal for sellers looking to leverage Amazon's logistical prowess while focusing on growing their eCommerce business.
WooCommerce ACS Courier Voucher 2.4.3
Simplify your shipping process in Greece with WooCommerce ACS Courier Voucher. This plugin integrates ACS Courier services directly into your WooCommerce store, allowing you to generate shipping vouchers, track parcels, and manage deliveries efficiently. It's designed to make logistics smoother for Greek eCommerce businesses, offering a reliable shipping solution that enhances operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Pro 1.0.7
Optimize your advertising efforts with WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Pro. This plugin provides precise tracking of user actions, enabling you to measure the effectiveness of your ads across multiple platforms. Understand which campaigns drive sales, adjust your strategies in real-time, and maximize your advertising ROI. It's an essential tool for marketers aiming to get the most out of their ad spend and drive targeted traffic to their WooCommerce store.
WooCommerce Restrict Content Pro 3.3.10
Integrate advanced membership capabilities into your WooCommerce store with Restrict Content Pro. This plugin allows you to limit access to content based on membership levels, creating an exclusive experience for your customers. Offer premium content, special discounts, and members-only products, building a loyal community around your brand. It's perfect for sites looking to monetize content or offer a tiered membership model.
WooCommerce Dropshipping 5.0.7
Streamline your dropshipping business with WooCommerce Dropshipping. This plugin simplifies communication with suppliers, automates order fulfillment, and manages inventory levels, all from your WooCommerce dashboard. Customize supplier notifications, generate packing slips, and track shipping progress. It's the ideal solution for dropshipping businesses seeking to optimize operations, reduce manual tasks, and focus on scaling their online store.
WooCommerce ReCaptcha 2.50
Enhance your site's security and user experience with WooCommerce ReCaptcha. This plugin integrates Google's reCAPTCHA technology, protecting your site from spam and automated abuse while ensuring ease of use for genuine users. Implement it on login, registration, and checkout pages to safeguard your store without compromising on customer convenience. It's a simple yet effective tool for maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of your WooCommerce site
WooCommerce Paid Courses
Elevate your online education business with WooCommerce Paid Courses. This robust plugin integrates seamlessly with your WooCommerce store, allowing you to sell access to your courses directly. From managing student enrollment to tracking course progress, it provides all the tools you need to create a dynamic learning environment. Whether you're offering cooking classes, marketing seminars, or coding tutorials, WooCommerce Paid Courses makes monetizing your knowledge straightforward and efficient. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily set up courses, assign instructors, and even offer certificates of completion, enhancing the learning experience for your students while boosting your revenue.
WooCommerce Role Based Payment / Shipping Methods 2.5.0
Tailor your WooCommerce store's payment and shipping options with unparalleled precision using the Role Based Payment / Shipping Methods plugin. This powerful tool enables you to customize available payment gateways and shipping methods based on user roles, ensuring a personalized checkout experience for each customer segment. Whether you're offering exclusive payment terms to wholesale customers or restricting certain shipping options to retail buyers, this plugin provides the flexibility to meet your business's unique needs. Enhance user experience, streamline your operations, and manage your shipping and payment strategies more effectively with this essential WooCommerce extension.
WooCommerce Bulk Table Editor 2.4.6
Revolutionize product management in your WooCommerce store with the Bulk Table Editor. This robust plugin simplifies the process of updating product information across your entire inventory. From price adjustments and stock updates to modifying descriptions and attributes directly from a comprehensive table view, managing your products has never been easier. The intuitive interface allows for quick changes, bulk updates, and even the application of percentage increases or decreases across selected products. Ideal for stores with extensive inventories, seasonal sales adjustments, or frequent product updates, the Bulk Table Editor is a time-saving solution for enhancing operational efficiency and responsiveness to market changes.
WooCommerce Product Condition 1.4.1
Elevate the shopping experience on your WooCommerce site with the Product Condition plugin. This innovative extension allows you to display the condition of your products, such as new, refurbished, or pre-owned, directly on the product page. Perfect for stores selling a variety of item conditions, it helps customers make informed purchasing decisions by providing clear, upfront information about what they're buying. Customize the display options to match your store's design and set conditions at both the product and variation levels. Enhance transparency, build customer trust, and cater to a wider audience by showcasing the true condition of your products with ease.
WooCommerce Tier-Pricing Table 5.0.3
Encourage bulk purchases and reward loyal customers with WooCommerce Tier-Pricing Table. This plugin allows you to display tiered pricing structures directly on your product pages, incentivizing larger orders by offering discounts for higher quantity purchases. Customize tables to fit your store's design, set different pricing tiers for specific products or variations, and boost average order values effortlessly. Ideal for wholesalers and retailers looking to maximize sales and customer satisfaction.
WooCommerce Pinterest 2.4.4
Leverage the power of social media with WooCommerce Pinterest. This plugin enables you to add 'Pin It' buttons to your product pages, allowing customers to share their favorite finds directly to Pinterest. Increase your brand's visibility, drive traffic back to your site, and tap into Pinterest's vast user base. With easy setup and customization options, it's an essential tool for any store aiming to enhance its social media presence.
WooCommerce GDPR Cookies 1.3
Ensure your WooCommerce store is GDPR compliant with the GDPR Cookies plugin. This tool provides a straightforward way to inform visitors about the use of cookies on your site, offering options to accept or reject them. Customize the notification style, manage consent logs, and integrate seamlessly with your privacy policy. It's a must-have for operating within legal requirements while maintaining a smooth user experience.
WooCommerce Gateway Cybersource 2.5.6
Simplify online payments with WooCommerce Gateway Cybersource. This plugin integrates your WooCommerce store with the Cybersource payment gateway, offering a secure and reliable method for processing credit cards and electronic checks. Benefit from advanced fraud management, support for multiple currencies, and seamless checkout experiences. Ideal for businesses seeking a trusted payment solution to enhance customer trust and streamline transactions.
WooCommerce Customize My Account 0.4.4
Transform the WooCommerce 'My Account' page into a fully customized user dashboard with WooCommerce Customize My Account. This plugin allows you to add, remove, or edit the tabs and links in the My Account section, providing a personalized experience for your customers. Enhance navigation, offer additional content, and improve user engagement by tailoring the account area to meet your customers' needs.
WooCommerce AutomateWoo 6.0.18
Automate marketing tasks and drive customer engagement with WooCommerce AutomateWoo. This powerful tool enables you to create personalized workflows for emails, SMS messages, rewards, and reminders based on customer behavior. Recover abandoned carts, win back inactive customers, and reward loyal patrons automatically. With detailed reporting and integration with popular services, it's the ultimate automation plugin for growing your WooCommerce store.
WooCommerce Buy Again 3.5.0
Make repurchasing a breeze for your customers with WooCommerce Buy Again. This plugin adds a convenient 'Buy Again' section to the account page, allowing customers to quickly reorder their favorite products. Perfect for stores with repeat purchase items like groceries, consumables, or subscriptions. Enhance customer loyalty and increase repeat sales by simplifying the shopping experience.
WooCommerce Hide Price & Add To Cart Button 1.2.6
Gain more control over your store's display with WooCommerce Hide Price & Add To Cart Button. This plugin allows you to hide prices and/or the add to cart button for non-logged-in users or specific user roles. Ideal for exclusive stores, B2B sites, or when you want to encourage customer registration. Customize your store's browsing experience and protect your pricing strategy.
WooCommerce Coupon Restrictions 2.2.2
Enhance your coupon strategy with WooCommerce Coupon Restrictions. This plugin provides advanced conditions for coupon usage, including restrictions based on user roles, product attributes, or past purchases. Create targeted promotions, prevent coupon misuse, and tailor discounts to your marketing goals. It's a versatile tool for managing promotions with precision and maximizing the impact of your discount campaigns.
WooCommerce Buy One Get One Free 5.0.3
Boost sales and attract more customers with WooCommerce Buy One Get One Free. This plugin makes it easy to set up BOGO deals, offering a straightforward way for customers to receive a free product when purchasing another. Perfect for clearing inventory, launching new products, or simply increasing order values. Customize your offers and watch your sales grow.
WooCommerce Auctions 2.1
Turn your WooCommerce store into a dynamic auction house with WooCommerce Auctions. This extension allows you to run auctions directly on your site, offering real-time bidding, countdown timers, and automatic bid increments. Attract a competitive atmosphere, discover the true market value of your products, and engage your community. It's an exciting way to diversify your sales strategy and create buzz around your offerings.
WooCommerce Subscriptions Gifting 2.5.1
Expand your subscription business with WooCommerce Subscriptions Gifting. Allow customers to purchase subscription products as gifts for others, opening up a new revenue stream and reaching more potential subscribers. Manage gifting options, recipient notifications, and subscription management with ease. It's a thoughtful way to enhance the subscription experience and attract new customers through the power of gifting.
WooCommerce AutomateWoo Refer A Friend Add-On 2.7.15
Elevate your marketing strategy with the WooCommerce AutomateWoo Refer A Friend Add-On. This powerful extension turns your existing customers into passionate advocates by incentivizing them to refer friends, thereby driving organic growth. Customize your referral program with ease, setting up rewards that motivate your customers to share your store with their network. Whether it's discounts, free products, or custom perks, you can tailor the rewards to fit your brand and customer base. The plugin tracks referrals through a user-friendly interface, allowing you to monitor performance and adjust strategies as needed. Automated emails make it simple to manage communications, thanking referrers and welcoming new customers. By leveraging personal recommendations, you can enhance your brand's credibility, reach new audiences, and significantly boost your sales with minimal effort. The AutomateWoo Refer A Friend Add-On is an indispensable tool for any WooCommerce store looking to harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing.
WooCommerce Product Filters 1.4.0
Enhance your WooCommerce store's usability and customer experience with the Product Filters plugin. This dynamic tool allows shoppers to easily filter products by various criteria such as price, categories, tags, and custom attributes, leading to faster product discovery and increased sales. With an intuitive setup and seamless integration, you can customize filter options to match your store's needs, improving navigation and customer satisfaction. The plugin supports AJAX filtering for instant results, making your store more accessible and user-friendly.
WooCommerce Pinterest 2.4.5
Connect your WooCommerce store to the world of Pinterest with ease using the WooCommerce Pinterest plugin. This integration allows you to add Save buttons to product images, automatically pin your products to Pinterest, and create rich pins that include pricing and availability. By tapping into Pinterest's vast user base, you can drive traffic back to your store, increase visibility, and boost sales. The plugin is perfect for stores looking to leverage social media for marketing and customer engagement.
WooCommerce Gift Wrapper 5.5.0
Add a personal touch to your WooCommerce store with the Gift Wrapper plugin. This feature allows customers to choose gift wrapping for their purchases at checkout, complete with options for different wrapping styles and personalized messages. It's an excellent way to enhance the shopping experience, especially during the holiday season or for special occasions. You can set additional costs for the service, customize wrapping options, and increase average order value while providing a thoughtful service that customers will appreciate.
WooCommerce Authorize.Net CIM Payment Gateway 3.10.2
Securely process payments in your WooCommerce store with the Authorize.Net CIM Payment Gateway. This plugin offers advanced fraud protection, supports automatic refunds, and allows customers to save their payment methods for future purchases. With its seamless integration, you can provide a smooth checkout experience, reduce cart abandonment, and ensure transactions are secure. The plugin supports various transaction types, including authorizations, captures, and refunds, making it a versatile solution for your payment processing needs.
WooCommerce Smart Coupons 8.18.0
Elevate your coupon strategy with WooCommerce Smart Coupons, the all-in-one coupon management plugin. Create, issue, and manage everything from bulk discounts and gift certificates to store credits and product giveaways. With advanced features like one-click coupon application, restrictions based on products or categories, and customizable designs, Smart Coupons enhances your promotional strategies, driving sales and customer loyalty. Its intuitive interface and seamless integration with WooCommerce make it an essential tool for any eCommerce store.
WooCommerce Request A Quote 2.6.3
The WooCommerce Request A Quote plugin is ideal for stores requiring custom pricing negotiations or offering products and services without fixed prices. It enables customers to request quotes directly from the product page, facilitating a personalized shopping experience. Store owners can manage and respond to quote requests through the dashboard, offering special pricing based on customer needs. This plugin is perfect for B2B sales, custom products, or services, enhancing customer interaction and tailored sales strategies.
WooCommerce Point Of Sale 6.3.0
Integrate your online store with a physical retail environment using WooCommerce Point Of Sale. This comprehensive solution transforms any computer or tablet into a fully functional cash register, allowing for in-person sales that sync directly with your WooCommerce inventory. Customize the POS interface, manage orders, and track sales with real-time analytics. Whether you're running a pop-up shop, a brick-and-mortar store, or a combination, this plugin bridges the gap between online and offline sales channels.
WooCommerce Storefront Mega Menus 1.6.2
Enhance your site's navigation with WooCommerce Storefront Mega Menus. This plugin allows you to create beautiful, full-width dropdown menus that showcase your products, categories, and more. With easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality, you can design custom mega menus that improve user experience, guide customers through your site, and highlight promotional content. Compatible with the Storefront theme, it's the perfect tool for eCommerce sites looking to improve their menu structure and site aesthetics.
WP Job Manager WC Paid Listings Addon 3.0.2

WP Job Manager Applications 3.0.2

WP Job Manager Resume Manager Addon 2.0.1

WP Job Manager Application Deadline Addon 3.0.2

WP Job Manager Bookmarks Addon 1.4.4

WP Job Manager Job Alerts Addon 3.1.1

WP Job Manager Simple Paid Listings Addon 2.0.1

GravityView 2.19.5

Gravity Forms Stripe 5.5.1

Gravity Forms Survey 4.0.0

Gravity Forms Chained Selects 1.7

Gravity Forms HubSpot 2.1.0

Gravity Forms Polls 4.2.0

Gravity Forms PayPal Checkout Add-On 3.0.0

Gravity Forms MailChimp 5.3.1

Gravity Forms Quiz 4.1

Gravity Forms Constant Contact 1.7

Gravity Forms CleverReach 1.8

Gravity Forms Dropbox 3.1.2

Gravity Forms Mailgun 1.4.0

Gravity Forms Help Scout 2.2.0

Gravity Forms Google Analytics Add-On 2.1.1

GravityCharts 1.7.3

YITH Woocommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity Premium 1.39.0

YITH WooCommerce Added To Cart Popup Premium 2.9.1

YITH WooCommerce Live Chat Premium 1.9.0

YITH Woocommerce Checkout Manager Premium 1.29.0

YITH WooCommerce Terms And Conditions Popup Premium 1.24.0

YITH Recovered Abandoned Cart Premium 2.23.0

YITH WooCommerce Questions And Answers Premium 1.24.0

YITH WooCommerce Quick Checkout For Digital Goods Premium 1.26.0

YITH Woocommerce Product Slider Carousel Premium 1.31.0

YITH Multi-Step Checkout Premium 2.31.0

YITH Woocommerce Role Based Prices Premium 1.34.0

YITH WooCommerce Product Countdown Premium 1.37.0

YITH Woocommerce One-Click Checkout Premium 1.34.0

YITH WooCommerce Deposits And Down Payments Premium 2.16.0

YITH Woocommerce SMS Notification Premium 1.28.0

YITH Woocommerce Recently Viewed Products Premium 2.31.0

YITH FAQ Plugin For WordPress Premium 2.19.1

YITH WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together Premium 1.39.0

YITH WooCommerce Desktop Notifications Premium 1.28.0

YITH WooCommerce Category Accordion 2.2.0

YITH Woocommerce Waiting List Premium 3.0.3

YITH Product Size Chart For Woocommerce Premium 1.20.0

YITH Woocommerce Sequential Order Number Premium 1.23.0

YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing And Discounts Premium 3.18.0

YITH Multiple Shipping Addresses For WooCommerce 1.23.0

YITH Woocommerce Zoom Magnifier Premium 2.28.0

YITH WooCommerce Account Funds 1.32.0

YITH Woocommerce Cart Messages Premium 1.28.0

YITH Woocommerce Delivery Date Premium 2.30.0

YITH Woocommerce Stripe Connect Premium 3.10.0

YITH Point Of Sale For WooCommerce 3.0.0

YITH Woocommerce Pending Order Survey Premium 1.8.0

YITH Woocommerce Watermark Premium 2.21.0

YITH Active Campaign For WooCommerce Premium 2.0.10

YITH WooCommerce Compare Premium 2.30.0

YITH Woocommerce Composite Products Premium 1.24.0

YITH Woocommerce Coupon Email System Premium 1.35.0

YITH Frontend Manager For Woocommerce Premium 1.32.0

YITH Woocommerce Featured Audio And Video Content Premium 1.32fWooCommerce Conditional Shipping And Payments .0

YITH WooCommerce Infinite Scrolling Premium 1.29.0

YITH Cost Of Goods For WooCommerce Premium 1.22.0

YITH Woocommerce Pre-Order Premium 2.13.0

YITH WooCommerce Auctions Premium 3.22.0

YITH Woocommerce Custom Order Status Premium 1.31.0

YITH Woocommerce MailChimp Premium 2.34.0

YITH Woocommerce Popup Premium 1.37.0

YITH WooCommerce EU VAT Premium 2.30.0

YITH WooCommerce Uploads Premium 1.31.0

YITH Payment Method Restrictions Premium For WooCommerce 1.22.0

YITH Custom Thank You Page Premium 2.6.1

YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews Premium 1.35.0

YITH Woocommerce Multi Vendor Premium 4.14.0

YITH Donations For Woocommerce Premium 1.30.0

YITH WooCommerce Booking And Appointment Premium 5.6.0

YITH Woocommerce Barcodes And QR Codes Premium 2.19.0

YITH WooCommerce Advanced Refund System Premium 1.29.0

YITH Deals For WooCommerce Premium 1.0.22

YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers Premium 1.22.0

YITH WooCommerce Stripe Premium 3.10.0

YITH WooCommerce Request A Quote Premium 4.21.0

YITH WooCommerce Email Templates Premium 1.34.0

YITH Dynamic Pricing Per Payment Method For WooCommerce Premium 2.22.0

YITH Product Shipping For WooCommerce Premium 1.31.1

YITH Automatic Role Changer For WooCommerce Premium 1.29.0

YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-On Premium 2.20.0

YITH WooCommerce Name Your Price Premium 1.27.0

YITH Woocommerce Authorize.Net Payment Gateway Premium 1.2.11

YITH Active Campaign For WooCommerce Premium 2.0.1

YITH Cost Of Goods For WooCommerce Premium 1.4.0

YITH WooCommerce Featured Audio & Video Content Premium 1.3.14

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search Premium 1.30.0

YITH Google Product Feed For WooCommerce Premium 1.22.0

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Premium 3.26.0

YITH WooCommerce Color And Label Variations Premium 2.8.1

YITH WordPress Test Environment 1.2.2

YITH WooCommerce Live Chat Premium 1.5.4

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Premium 4.0.0

YITH Booking For Woocommerce Premium 2.1.25

YITH Woocommerce Subscription Premium 3.3.2

YITH Event Tickets For Woocommerce Premium 1.25.0

YITH Woocommerce Membership Premium 2.9.0

YITH Woocommerce Review For Discounts Premium 1.10.0

YITH WooCommerce Social Login Premium 1.36.0

YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking Premium 2.14.0

YITH Woocommerce PDF Invoice And Shipping List Premium 4.16.0

YITH Woocommerce Affiliates Premium 3.1.0

YITH Woocommerce Review Reminder Premium 1.39.0

YITH Woocommerce Ajax Product Filter Premium 4.31.0

YITH Woocommerce Catalog Mode Premium 2.31.0

YITH Woocommerce Quick View Premium 1.36.0

YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing Premium 3.5.0

YITH WooCommerce Points And Rewards Premium 4.1.0

YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons & Extra Options 4.10.0

YITH Customize My Account Page Premium 4.6.0

YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager Premium 1.33.0

YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles Premium 2.4.0

YITH WooCommerce Badge Management Premium 3.0.0

YITH WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Premium 1.35.0

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